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I thought I would update on where everything is. I am making progress and have actually been out of my house for short periods of time the last two days. Yesterday I had an appointment for an incision check and since my surgeon from Omaha wasn't in South Dakota I saw the doctor who actually referred me to him (he has also seen my kids and done surgeries on two). We talked about what had happened in Omaha and he was furious (this is a man that I didn't think could get upset). He said he and his partner would be talking about it before the end of the day and calls would be made to Omaha. He also said that the surgeon that told me "I am doi you a favor" will not see any other patients from their practice. He said that if this stuff is going to be how their patients are treated they will not be referring people to Omaha. He also said he wanted me to talk to the ear surgeon about it when I see him in a couple of weeks. He said he had better never hear of a situation like this again. He said that my procedure is the biggest, most complicated of anything performed in the ENT field and my surgeon shouldn't have left me in the hands of a resident. He said they send a lot of tumor patients to Omaha and that many of them are not as young and healthy as I am and it worries him to think of what is happening to people who may not be as aware of what is taking place. Many of them also don't have a spouse that stays at the hospital as much as mine did to help make sure care is being taken care of. He felt really bad about the whole thing and said I shouldn't have spent so many days as sick as I was. If the resident didn't know what to do he should have found someone who did.
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