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Hi Eddie,

I myself recently had two surgeries to remove VM. Although not AVM, I think a lot of the same variables are in play with hands and feet. Mine was on the hand.

We use our extremities so much that they take longer to heal. My first case was done on May 19, 2011, and I am still in some pain and the site is still really sore. I try to keep it immobilized.

I think that because yours is on a foot, it will take much much longer to heal as the blood flow isn't helping. Unless you think you might have an infection, just keep doing as the doctor suggests.

I am obviously not a doctor, and I know the trials of not being able to do things because of the surgery from a different angle, but just hang in there. Keep it clean, and try to eat healthy and do what the Dr says.

Definitely tell him about that bag of blood and text him pics of it. Doctors like pics of surgical sites! Hehe.

Hang in there.
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