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So we've been seeing a pediatric derm at Children's Memorial since May for my son's H on his upper lip. She wanted to start with the least invasive treatment, steroid injections directly into his lip. The first injection did absolutely nothing, in fact his H got bigger. The second trip, she said she wanted to double the dosage and if it didn't work we would switch treatments. OK.....Third trip, once again NOTHING!!!! Once again, it got larger. I went in thinking we would be trying something new...NOPE!!!! She decided to try "once more to knock it out". She injected 40cc into his lip on Thursday. Now here I am and seeing no change!!!! The only thing I see is a bruise on his lip that appears to just be getting worse. Is this normal? If these steroid injections were going to work, when would we see a change I'm grateful that his H isn't bad, but I'm also tired of him being stabbed in the lip for something that isn't working.
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