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I try to give my ds his propranolol at 10pm and 6am (and 2pm-every 8 hours) so I am not up at 3 in the morning. I just make sure he eats within an hour of the dose (either before and after). When he has little it was never a problem b/c he was eating all the time. And since he has been older, I have even gone up to 2 hours of a feeding either side of the dose . We started at 4 weeks old and never had a problem as long as he was eating (see my recent post-I had a bad moment and gave his medicine without him eating when he is sick--UGH). Other than the one episode he has been good for almost a year. We have had very good results. So glad this drug has kept the H in his airway from growing.

ds 11months old subglottic H, H on tongue/low lip/gum and parotid gland.
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