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I would have a hard time watching him get the injections too especially when it doesn't seem to be helping. You could always make an appt. for a second opinion in the meantime AND share your concerns with his current doctor at his next appt. too. I am sure she is a great doctor and will be willing to hear your concerns. I'm sure she could understand that you would like to know what plan B is if plan A is not working and when that will happen. Sometimes it's good to get another doctor's opinion because hemangiomas are such tricky things and it may be helpful to hear what someone else has to say too.

I just thought of another option! You could email Dr. Levitin through this website...send him a picture and tell him what's been going on and he'll get back to you with what he thinks. We have done that a couple of times and he has been excellent and it just gives that outside perspective without having to go for that formal second opinion. For me, it helped me to confirm that we were on the right track at a couple of points along our journey.

That's just my thoughts on the matter! Take it or leave it! I could sense your frustration in your first post and I just didn't want you to be too quick to dismiss your concerns because you think you are just being a nervous mommy. Mommy knows best!!! It's ok to trust your intuition and to ask more questions until you feel comfortable with the course of action.

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