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Default Dazed and confused.....

Hey everyone!
I'm new to the boards here...let me give you a little background on us we are a 'attachment parenting' family. Co-sleeping, no vaccines, organic foods, baby wearing, breastfeeding...I could go on we have a wonderful, smart 3 year old and a chunky 8 month old. Our 8 month old is the one with the's on her side/back. Almost under her arms. It's quite puffy and large to say the least but I think she's absolutely beautiful with it. These past few days I've noticed a black spot that keeps getting larger....should I be worried about it ulcerating? I'm a nervous wreck. We usually get seen at Vanderbilt childrens hospital but they don't have anything till mid oct. Even after I told them the circumstances. I'm having trouble finding things on the web about this and just wanted to hear from other mamas out there...thanks ladies and gents!
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