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Hello! I have a 5-month old daughter with two hemangiomas. She is 16 lbs, and is on propranolol 1.5 ml, three times a day. When she first started the propranolol, we noticed slight improvement, but now they remain unchanged. I have come to this site in the interest of seeing other people's stories, and the course ofaction taken. I have confidence in my daughter's pediatrician, but believe in doing research on your own as well.
Her hemangiomas are relatively small, one the size of a kidney bean, and the other the size of a half dollar. I guess I just constantly struggle with the worry that there may be a bigger underlying issue. I have noticed recently that the leg with the hemangioma is larger than the one without. I plan on scheduling her 6 month well visit within the next few weeks and mentioning it then.
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