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Originally Posted by kate View Post
Thank you for your replies! It seems to be greying in places but still very red and spreading on the outside and there is a bump forming underneath...Pediatrician said he would prescribe propanolol but never done so before and wasn't able to admit her to hospital at the beginning to monitor and sounded like any monitoring was up to me, all he would do was prescribe it. Went to Dermatologist today but she didn't know much either.Getting frustrated....There doesn't seem to be any specialist here in the city I live in or even the South Island. I have emailed Dr. Waner but no reply and have also emailed a Dr. here in NZ that seems to be the only specialist in the country but no reply. Does anyone have a good specialist in Australia as I am willing to travel if needed.....???
Hi Kate,
My daugher also had a forehead hemangioma that looked much like your daughter's. Please see my VBF post here:

This post documents my thoughts after having my duaghter's H surgically removed at 18 months old. It also contains a link to several photos that document the growth of the hemangioma from birth to 18 months. Personally, with highsight, I wish I had put her on proplanalol in the very early stages. I feel I could have avoided surgical intervention if I had done that. But obviously that is a very tough call to make for any parent. I wish you the best of luck. Your baby is beautiful.
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