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pc problems, can't access internet using my mom's blackberry via USB. I live close to the sea and it kills everything.

I know what my strenghts are but its nothing that will give me a career LOL terrible at maths. I use to draw. thinking about maybe getting into batik with my mom but its expensive, no market really for it. hate crafts lol I like being outdoors so field work is great for me but depends on the job.

I am thinking about getting into diaster management on a community basis. I am already a "first responder". But thats strictly voluntary an depends on the political climate and sometimes best to just back off.

i'd really like to find what i'm good at. And be confident. I made alot of mistakes in the survey. should of done better. I think i may have a learning disablitiy and i give myself double workload. I am my own worse enemy LOL but it was an important survey and people really test my patience borderlying on abusive and refusing to come out of their homes. The temptation to throw stones and break windows, trip car alarms .......hahahahahahahaha

i had kids running behind that car as i slowly cruised checking addresses.....sigh......they spotted my birthmark. I won't lie the thought to reverse and run them over cross my mind for a sec. just my luck it had to be school holidays
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