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Pookey28: I am so glad to see your post! I am also in BC Canada. My 11 weeks daughter has a hemangioma on her forehead and both our family dr and a pediatrician said we should wait and see. But daughter's H grows very fast so I had to do my own research. I knew propranolol was very effective but wasn't sure which doctors, if any, in BC Canada would use it. On this website I found the Dr. Prendiville was on the list, and so I asked my family doctor to refer my daughter to her. Now I feel much more hopeful knowing Dr. Prendiville is supportive on propranolol! Hope I get an appointment soon...

Originally Posted by Pookey28 View Post
Her name is Dr. Julie Prendiville, and she SWEARS by Propranolol. She has quite a few patients on it and they are all success stories. We just started our daughter on it 2 days ago, and already I see a small difference.
I had the 1st doseage administered at the hospital...and each week they are raising it by 1/4 ml...each time we go back to our local Hospital.

I SWEAR this is hands down the sweetest most knowledgeable dr when it comes to H's. She came HIGHLY HIGHLY recommeded and now I know why!
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