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I am sorry for just now responding. I hope all went well with the procedure. I have usually kept my son out of the sun for about 4 days post surgery. After that, we do go out, but with lots of sunblock and a hat. His PWS is on his face, so that is the process every day, surgery or not. .

Also, he is very cranky after each surgery for about two hours. Then he sleeps it off and is back to almost normal. He just had another treatment this past Tuesday and was very happy that night. He is a little calmer for a few days post op, but still happy. It is hard to say exactly how he feels since he is 18 months old and his vocabulary consists mainly of "No.". But he seems no worse for the wear. He has started noticing a difference in his appearance after the past few treatments and actually smiles at his little purple face.

Please feel free to send me a PM if you would like to chat more or share you treatment experience.
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