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His is a little larger than a pencil eraser, but is a rather large bump that starts on his lip and has spread into his mouth almost up to his gum line. His pediatric derm was concerned about the skin of the lip getting too deformed. From what she said, the skin on the lip does not bounce back very well after being stretched. She started the steroid injections at his first visit. It was supposed to flatten the h, but it only continued to grow. We did this 3 times, getting up to 40cc injected in his lip, with no luck.

On the other hand, my son also has a strawberry birthmark on his belly. He has had that one since he was 2 weeks old. We have done nothing with it, but keep an eye on it, and it is starting to lighten up.

If you are questioning your doctor, there is nothing stopping you from getting a second opinion. Also, if it is flat and isn't causing an problems right now, maybe wait and keep a close eye on it. Watching my son get the injection in his lip was horrible-especially the last one. It caused his lip to swell up, bruising, discomfort, and he was VERY fussy afterward.

I'm not sure if this helped you at or or just confused you more. Best thing is to follow your gut!!!!
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