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My daughter had laser treatment and for her it was a very positive experience. Her hemangioama was large and covered the back of her head so we had the problem that lying on her back, sitting in her baby car seat and even putting clothes over her head caused her lots of pain. The only negative part of the laser treatment is that she now has a scar and a bald patch because of the laser treatment but we were told some scarring and baldness would probably occur anyway due to the scarring that occurs naturally when a wound repeatedly breaks down.
I was told the laser does hurt but my daughter did not cry or fuss when it was given, (maybe thats because she was so used to experiencing pain).The laser changed the colour of her hemangioma (the lasered area turned white like any other scarred skin you might have). It took about 2 weeks (and 2 goes with the laser) to go from being a painful infected wound to being pain free and completely healed. Laser made a big difference to my daughter and I because she was no longer in pain, so if you decide to go ahead with the laser treatment i hope you have as positive an experience as we did.
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