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Default Update to Story

Hey! Remember me? I wrote a story on here, responded to a couple posts, then vanished, seemingly into the mists of the real world.

I just wanted to say that I'm still doing fine. I studied abroad in Japan last year, and I'm graduating this winter with a degree in mathematics.

As this is a birthmark website, I'll let you know that all of my new European and Japanese friends think my birthmark is awesome too- either because of the movie character it resembles (Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke), or because it added to my already amazing "Andre the Giant" height and frame, which they don't get that often over in Japan.

I was in Japan when the earthquake came. The quake itself wasn't so bad- I was so far away, the only thing I felt was a moment of riding my bike down a slope, but I was riding on a flat road. My family was so concerned for me though, I'm pretty sure that I would have really hurt them if I didn't come home soon.

I helped my dad put up a really-why-should-it-be-that-long fence this summer, earning a scar on my birthmark in the process. (Anyone know how scars will end up looking on a port-wine stain? Mine is just lighter and smoother right now.) That brings my birthmark mark-ups to two, including the time my sister accidentally stabbed my hand with a graphite pencil, leaving a little black dot that I will never let her forget.

Now you know! Kind of. I also dropped 60 lbs, learned to play go, donated blood four times, and became a vegetarian. Not very relevant to this site though.

Oh! And I met three people with birthmarks at my university in Osaka, and we formed a club. Does anyone else look for birthmarked people and when they see them, think that they're part of a secret club that you're in too? We all seemed to think that was a good idea.
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