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Our daughter (almost 3 mos now) has PWS on many areas of her body. She has had the MRI and glaucoma checks already and all is clear. We have been seeing the dermatologists at U of Michigan and they recommend doing the pulse-dye laser txmt when she is 4 mos old. They do many of these treatments for infants with PWS so for us the question is not when to start treatment, but rather what areas to treat at this time. The face is a given, but she also has a lot on her chest, belly, arm, and a little on the back and leg. We were wondering if the parents of children who have had the laser treatment done could give advice. Our thought is to do it all since she will already be there and be under general anesthesia, but we aren't sure if that is too much for her at one time b/c of length of time under the anesthesia and after pain. Dr. Orringer kind of left it up to us and said he'd do as much as we want. We also thought to do only areas visible with normal clothing on but I'm sure eventually she will want to have it done on other areas anyway. We would appreciate any thoughts from those with experience!
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