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Well I don't think it will really be much of a fight because the state has the forms but you just have to get them signed by a doctor. I have to take her in on Thurs. anyway so I think she would sign it.

We have also thought about supplements but when we have tried them she really won't take them. Becca is about 22 pounds at 24 months. She is tall for her age.

We have parents of kids that are getting these waivers signed for kids that are developing normally and we aren't even considering it for our 4 year old. We are only considering it because of the body temp./weight issues Becca has related to CMTC. Our daycare even told us she would prefer to keep Becca on whole milk (that is what she has been giving her) but these new regulations have her hands tied. I understand childhood obesity is an issue but I don't think the problem is whether a kid is getting 2% or 1% milk but rather the junk they are eating.
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