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I am feeling great and doing well. I was dismissed from physical therapy after only two visits (my doctor said that is a record for the surgery I had) and he just told me to keep doing the Wii because I was getting better results doing my own thing than all the regular stuff done in physical therapy. We are taking Becca in on Thursday to get that deep dimple looked at to decide if we need further evaluation, to talk about the x-rays that physical therapy thinks she needs and then also discuss when she needs her next thyroid test. She hasn't had one for almost two years and they told us initially to stay on top of that but the doctor who told us that no longer sees her (she was dismissed from derm. at Mayo over a year ago and will only go back if there are more skin issues) so we are in kind of a tough place to know when some of this needs to be repeated. Our family doctor is usually just taking our lead at this point because she says I know much more about it than she does (but I don't have the medical degree). We just keep plugging away day after day. Becca woke up this morning and told me, "Its cold!" and she was right about 43 degrees. I guess it is time for her heater again (she was in shorts on Sunday!).
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