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I have a 2yr old son with a microcystic lm, that affects almost the entire right side of his face. When he was a baby his eye was open & gradually swelled to the point of being closed. After finding Dr. William Shiels an interventional radiologist in Columbus, Ohio, who performed several sclerotherapy sessions. Our son was able to have his eye debulked & opened by a surgeon in Pennsylvania. We are thrilled with all that Dr. Shiels has done & will continue to see him for treatments. With all that being said we are now in the process of searching for a qualified surgeon to debulk his upper lip. The process of finding the right doctors can be exhausting. We live in Nebraska & have been to Mayo in Minn, Childrens in IA, (CHOP) Pennsylvania & lastly flown to Ohio now 4 or 5 times. I encourage you to keep searching for answers, as I will continue to do!
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