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Default so many emotions

Hello All...

My daughter Mya was born in May 2011 with a half dollar size H on her abdomen. I wasn't to worried about it when she was born the doctors re-assured me that it would go away, noone told me it would grow or get worse so i really didnt mind it, i didnt think it was ugly or scarry. Just different. Over the next month it got worse. Growing and raised and a more deep red color. I brung up my concern at her 2month check and they again told me it's fine it will start to break up and go away. So again i took there word for it. Now im worried. Her H is growing more and more. It has became ulcerated in parts and just a big black scab on it. It started bleeding about a week ago so i made a dr appt and they gave me a script for an antibiotic cream to use for 10days. the cream helps alot. keeps it moist and the bleeding is minimal. The drs reffered me to a specialist to have it checked out. Is this all normal? My daughter grabs at it in pain. Mind you she is only 4months old. She also has a small one behind her ear. Im so confused, so many emotions running through my head. I feel like its my fault, my father passed from melanoma. Is it ever going to go away? Is this black scabbing normal? Am i being a dramatic mother? I have another child who is 4years old and does not have any of these.

Anyones suggestions or expierences are welcome!
thank you
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