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Default PWS on Genitalia?

My daughter is 16 weeks old and has a red birthmark on her vulva and inner thigh. She also has a few "islands"of color on her inner upper thigh and by her hip bone. She has had this since birth and it can fluctuate in color from a light red to dark red. My son died shortly after birth in 2010 due to fetal hydrops and pulmonary hypoplasia, so I am very concerned with my daughter's health. So, I have done research online and think that this may be a port wine stain or nevus flammeus. I recently took my daughter to her pediatrician because I am concerned with her birthmark. The pediatrician told me that she doesn't think it is a port wine stain because of its location (she only has seen them on the head) and color (she stated that port wine stains are darker in color). She referred me to a dermatologist to get it checked if I still had concerns. Obviously, it takes a long time to get in to see a pediatric dermatologist, so I am desperate for some kind of information now. My questions are: Does this sound like a port wine stain; If not, what could it be and if it should be of any concern?; and, If it is a port wine stain, is there any concern due to its location on her body? (I have read that PWS can indicate other underlying issues. I have researched PWS and cannot find any information regarding PWS on the genitals.). She also has a salmon patch on the nape of her neck and an "angel's kiss" on her forehead (this has lightened dramatically and only is visible when she is upset or crying). Do these have any correlation to the genital birthmark? Thank you for reading.
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