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I'm 44 with PWS on the backs of both legs from top to bottom and quiet noticeable, I do remember when I started dating at 18 years, it took quite a while before I told my boyfriends about my PWS, and after I did I found out they didnt care about them. Now I'm married with 4 teenagers of my own and I have noticed that they dont see them like I do. I wear shorts and short dresses around home but not when I go out. But my teenage kids never comment about them or seem to notice them. I really think its me that is my worst enemy and I dont know when I will ever feel at ease with my PWS. I have been having laser treatment on them for the last 15 years with very slow results. All I can say is its surprising how other people judge us and its never as bad as what we think, we can be our worst enemy at times. And once you get a little older you really dont care what people think and you end up doing what makes you happy. If someone cares more about your appearance than you, then they are not the right person. If your boyfriend says they dont care about your birthmarks it says alot about them.
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