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one more thing... this is just MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE but sclerotherapy has not worked for me. I know it is all the rage these days, but i tried it once and it was a total waste of time. Your docs have to know how your lesions "communicate" on the inside. If they are a tangled mess of micro-chambers or clogged up from years of clotting and fibrosis, then sclerotherapy might not work. That's why I just get my stuff cut out in one quick and easy trip to the surgical oncologist. It's not as fancy and high tech as intervential radiology, but it works for me.
Everybody is different. Each of us with VM's are, by definition, anomalies. One size does not fit all, so one treatment cannot be appropriate for everyone.
I encourage you to explore whatever options are available. Take everything with a grain of salt.
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