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Default Update

I thought I would follow-up after my daughter's appointment (since I hate when I look for answers online, only to find someone else with my issue that has no resolution. But anyways, LOL!). My daughters appointment was yesterday. We saw a team of ten various specialists. They confirmed my suspicion that it is a port wine stain or capillary malformation on the labia. The doctor's told me that they thought that it would have been a hemangioma, judging from the location. They told me it is very rare to have one located in the genital area, and that it is more common for the legs, arms, or face. They do not recommend any laser treatment in that area. They said that laser treatments are not very effective on the trunk area of the body. Also, they said it was reasonably light in color comparatively and that it would only be done for cosmetic reasons. They said they do not foresee any problems in the future for the birthmark, but they do recommend that she have an ultrasound performed to ensure that there is no problems with any organs (bladder, kidneys, urogenital region) beneath the malformation. They told us that it would be very rare, but this is not a text book PWS. I am scheduling the ultrasound today and will update everyone as to the results. I am feeling pretty confident that it show no problems, since I had in depth ultrasounds of all of her organs multiple times in the womb due to my son's death. All of those showed no issues and I had my last Level 2 one week before her birth. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that her birthmark will only be a cosmetic issue in the future. Thanks for listening!
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