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Default AV, ovarian cysts and use of hormone therapy?

I am 37 year old female with AV in right upper chest and hemangioma on left cheek. AV was successfully treated in 2002 with schlerotherapy, removing about 75% of it. Now I face a new issue. In 2008 I had an 8cm ovarian cyst that ruptured and required emergency removal of my right ovary. 3 years later, I have another 8cm "complex" cyst on left ovary which may require removal and possible removal of this ovary, forcing me into early menopause. Fortunately, I have 3 beautiful healthy children and feel done with child bearing. For 20 years I have been advised to stay away from oral contraception because of the AV and risk of stroke, blood clots etc. Now I am told I may need hormone therapy as a result of this surgery and/or possible early menopause... Is it still a risk to take hormones/the pill with an AVM? Or has that opinion changed In the last 10 years? Also, is there any chance these ovarian cysts are connected to the AV or hemangioma?
Susan, Annapolis, MD
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