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Hi there!

One of our experts, Dr. Comi, is in Baltimore. She is our SWS expert, so she deals with port wine stain birthmarks rather than AV's. But you might get in touch through and see if she could recommend someone in the area. She's very nice, very smart, and answers pretty promptly, so I don't think she would mind if you asked an off-topic question.

As far as The Pill or HRT and av's or avm's go, most of what I have heard is anecdotal. If you ask around, you will probably find that most people did not have a good experience taking these medications. However, the people who didn't have any trouble probably aren't here posting about it.

Last week I read an article, while I was getting a haircut so I don't remember which magazine, about managing menopause symptoms without drugs. So, I think I would ask the prescribing doctor what the goal is. Is the goal to relieve discomfort of the symptoms or is there another need? Then you might have to weigh the risks against your symptoms.

Let us know what you find out!

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