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Bella is doing great. She's really come a long way! She's in Pre-K this year. She went to P-3 last year for 3 year olds but the 4 yr old class is really great. She's learning so much and really enjoys it.

We are trying to prepare for the spring with her upcoming procedures. She is really "not a fan of doctors" (her words) so we really haven't talked about it much. She says her birthmark is getting better and she cries anytime she thinks she has to go to the doctor for her birthmark. I feel so bad about that.

I know there are different opinions on treatments but I feel that we have come this far that we need to go for goal and finish the treatment. She'll thank us later, I am sure.

I know that alot of us old timers haven't been on here. My last log in was Dec. 2010 when I got on here yesterday! I am just as bad!

Take Care,
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