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Hi there and welcome to the best hemangioma resource ever!! I was in your boat about 6 years ago and this site/forum has helped me all the way. I have 4 daughters and 3 have hemangiomas. The most significant was my daughter's lip hemangioma. So I don't really have experience with hemangiomas on the top of the head although I have heard of them a lot. I agree that it's great to get a second opinion from someone who specializes in hemangiomas so that you can at least get lots of informations and learn about your options. It seems like a lot of pediatricians do the "wait and see' approach which often is the best approach, but sometimes is not depending on a lot of factors. So an expert opinion is helpful I think and then you can make the decision that seems best for your child. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this. The beginning can be so hard because you don't know what to expect. How big will it grow? Will it need treatment? How long will it be visible? and on and on. This place is a great resource for info and for support! I'm glad you found it!
Good luck!
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