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Default any advice?

Hi there,

After a few days of getting really upset after viewing awful internet images of vascular birthmarks, I found this site and feel so relieved as I was getting really worried about my little girl's nose.

My 9 week old daughter has got a a nasal tip Hem. and it looks to me that it is both superficial (there is bright red area on surface of skin) and also deep (As there is a purplish area underneath the skin and the end of her nose has got a bit bigger). It started off as very small and pale when she was born but has grown a lot in the last few weeks and the bright read area has got bigger and more intense. Our doctor has referred her to a dermatologist at our local children's hospital in Bristol, U.K. We've got an appointment this week and I want to go along as informed as possible to get the answers/action that is best. I don't know if she should be referred for laser treatment ...there is an NHS laser treatment place in our city......does she need to be referred to a VB specialist??? I am worried that they will just say to leave it and I don't know if that is right advice???
I'd be so grateful for any advice (or links to other useful threads or websites)from others who had had similar experiences.
Thank you,
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