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Default laser or later? does it matter?

Hi! My daughter had laser done in March on what remained of her lip hemangioma...actually they treated the space between her nose and upper lip, because that is where some of the redness remained.

We went for her follow up today and the doc. recommended another laser treatment because there is still a little bit of redness right above her lip line. Although I do see what he is saying, we have decided that we are happy with it the way it is. My daughter is 6 and she doesn't want another treatment. She is happy with it as it is. The doc said that is fine and if she changes her mind we can always do it when she is older.

My question is (and I foolishly forgot to ask him this)....will the outcome be different whether we do it now or later? Like if she decides to do the laser when she's a teenager will it be any harder or easier? Will it work as well?

I am totally comfortable leaving it as is....I just want to make sure I get as much info as I can to check and double check that we are doing the best thing long term.

Any thoughts?
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