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Default My 6 week old just diagnosed with a Hemangioma

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site as of today.
My 6 week old was just diagnosed with a Hemangioma on his upper lip 2 days ago. It is still very small about the size of a pencil tip. I noticed it a little over a week ago and thought he had pinched or scratched himself. It has not seemed to change or get any bigger over the past week.
I have been researching Hemangiomas for the past 2 days and have been driving myself crazy. I am very nervous that it will begin to grow larger and start causing my son problems.
Our pediatritian did not seem to be very concerned and did not provide me with any information about Hemangiomas. She brushed it off as nothing to worry/concern myself with. But being a first time mother, of course I am going to worry, I proceeded to preform a Google search where I only freaked myself out.
I want to know when the best time to seek treatment is? I really do not want to allow it to grow.
I would love all advice, suggestions and opinions!
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