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Missy and Shannon,

Thank you so much for your support and suggestions! I truly am driving myself crazy about this and I really needed to speak with people who have had to deal with this and have made it through it.

Shannon, knowing that your daughter had something similar to Colton and is now doing fine really makes me feel a lot better! I would love it if you were willing to share some pictures of your daughter with me. I was a wreck yesterday looking at the pictures you find using Google and could use some perspective. I just can't imagine that happening to my beautiful little boy.

It is very upsetting to know that pediatricians are not educated as much as they should be about Hemangiomas. I would think that anyone, especially a children's doctor would have voiced a little more concern with your daughters ulceration other then to put vaseline on it... I'm very sorry you had to go through that.

I did email one of the experts on here yesterday, where does their reply get sent? Will it alert me when I log on?

We are living in Ambler, PA about 30 min or so outside of Philadelphia and are very interested in speaking with a specialist. Having spoken with my pediatrician and walking out of the office so uninformed makes me want to attack this head on.

Is it possible to have the Hemangioma removed before it gets any bigger? What is the protocol on that? I may just be being naive but I would think that removing it before it causes a problem would be ideal especially this day in age.

I am so happy I found this site, knowing there are other families out there dealing with the same thing is very reassuring!

- Sheri

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