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Question Thankyou


Thankyou all for your reply's, we live in the uk so doctors here are few and far between that deal with lymphangioma. We have seen a specialist here who has suggested lazer treatment, which would have a symptomatic benefit but not a cosmetic benefit. Im finding it really difficult to make a decistion on what to do as it would only be temporary and would need to be re done as it grows back as it regularly swells up and ulcerates, it would not prevent this reocurring. I have also had mixed opinions on weather to have plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons or not, some doctors seem really keen to opperate, to me it seems too keem, almost excited that they had a case in their office. One doctor brought 8 other doctors in to see her. Other doctors have said it would be to risky and could result in nerve damage, bad scarring or also besically ending up with no upper lip. At the moment i feel im making the right decision by doing nothing but im worried as she gets older she will become more aware of it herself. Do any of you have any pictures of before and after treatments you could share with me. Many thanks
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