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Hi Sheri! He is so adorable.
Here's the link to the album of my daughter, Faith. At 6 weeks old, her hemangioma was already a lot bigger than your son's so that may be a good sign that it won't get as big as my daughter's. I'm not sure though. Hers grew pretty quickly right from the beginning. It's a Facebook album but you should be able to see all the pictures. I have also written the details about her treatment there as well. I'll also put my daughter, Rachael's album so you can see how hers grew and then totally went away on its own. 18fd285c7

I totally know how you are feeling. I freaked myself out for years. You are at the hardest part because you can't predict what is going to happen...but I think you are in pretty good shape. Keep in touch! Let us know what happens if/when you go to the specialist! Let me know if you have a problem with the pictures.


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