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Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your daughter, she is beautiful, its amazing you can hardly tell that she had a hemangioma. I was unable to see Rachael's album for some reason.
I am beginning to calm down after joining this site and speaking to different people about it.
I found out today that one of my good friends younger sister had one growing up and it went away on its own when she was 7. I also found out that my aunts niece had one on her eye that was removed when she was very young. Its nice to know that their are people directly around me that have had to deal with the same thing.
Dr Levitin emailed me today and suggested speaking to a doctor about the laser treatment because it is still so small he said it should be very effective. I am hoping this will be an option for us and we will be able to nip it in bud as soon as possible.
I will keep you posted on our progress and journey, hopefully it will be a short one : )

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