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Default Insurance coverage and surgeries

My daughter just turned three and has a hemangioma on her lower lip. Like many children it was not noticeable at birth, but showed up a couple weeks later. It ulcerated at about 6 weeks and she was treated by pediatric dermatology with a series of steroid injections to heal the ulcer. we were later referred to a pediatric plastic surgery group at Pittsburgh's childrens hospital. They laid out the optionsand we decided to go with the waiting approach for it to involute. The redness is now reduced, the puffiness or volume is somewhat reduced andshe is left with a small scare from the ulcerations. We will be considering surgery in two years before she goes to kindergarten. It will likely be two surgeries, onto reduce the volume and correct the divet in her lower lip and the other to reduce the scar.

My question to those of you who have been through this. Did your insurance cover this? Or are they going to tell me it's not medically needed? Thanks in advance!
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