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My daughter had surgery on her lip hemangioma last year...very similar circumstances to what you were talking about, ulceration as a baby, surgery at age 5....everything was covered with no problems. Her doctor, at Childrens in Boston, had someone in the office whose job was to specifically deal with insurance companies. She told me that there was a process that they went through and if they ran into trouble they would let me know in terms of appeals, etc. It all went through fine. I'm sure they must submit it to the insurance in a certain way so I got the feeling it was better to let them handle it instead of inquiring/asking questions to the insurance company myself. Maybe that would raise more red flags?

I'm sure it must depend on the insurance company to an extent, so I think it is good advice to talk to Basia and see what she says. I just wanted to let you know that it went very smoothly for us (at the time we had Blue Cross Blue Shield but we have also had Medicaid and Harvard Pilgrim for part of her treatment and laser procedures)...we never had trouble with any of these. I'm wondering maybe because it was on her lip?

Good luck! It's hard to imagine what's going to happen down the road. I did the same thing. And it all worked out! Hang in there!
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