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I'm new to this board; however, I have been reading several of the posts relating to this thread. My daughter Meghan was born with a lower lip hemangioma. It grew rapidly and at about 2 1/2 months and ulcerated. We had been seeing a pediatric dermatologist since she was 1 month old. At first they were just keeping an eye on it; however once it started to ulcerate, they had given her a cortisone shot. This didn't not slow down the growth. So, they ended up putting her on high-dose steroids for about 5 months. This definitely slowed down/stopped the growth. She now has a fairly large divot where the ulceration occurred and the scar tissue is white. We have met with a pediatric plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh a few times already to track the hemangioma and now have a follow-up visit scheduled for this coming Thursday (12/1). We knew all along that at some point she would need surgery. The surgeon said that it was on our timeline as to when we would want it done; however, she recommended waiting until she was school age. She will be 3 yrs. old in February. I am hoping that at this appointment we will be able to schedule her surgery. It isn't as much for the hemangioma, as I'm willing to wait another year or so, if need be; however, she is starting to get a cross-bite. I think that the bump on her lower right lip, is starting to affect her bite. Also, when she smiles, her lip seems to droop as if she has lost muscle tone on that side of her lip. I'm not sure that surgery will be able to correct that, so, before this causes any additional problems, I think it may be best to have the surgery. I just wanted to thank everyone on this board for their posts and personal stories as it had been both comforting and educational for me. I am trying to look for a picture that shows the current state of the hemangioma and also of one from when it was at its worst. This will have to wait to later though, as I'm at work and unable to download anything.
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