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Default Re:Why should I have lazer treatment?

Hi Lise, and Ameski

I can shed so light on this subject as well.
I am only 21 years old but my PWS and H's cover a large area of my face and head.
I did laser treatment for almost 14 years off and on and have tried four different lasers. Allot of the PWS went away but that was not the large area that was covered. I have seen several doctors and all of them have told me that it is to risky to have my H's removed because of the risk of bleeding to death. I have a deformed internal crated artery and if I get any major cuts on the right side of my head doctors will not be able to stop the bleeding. I know both of you are older then me so you already know your marks made you a better person within. What I always tell my friends if you can not except me for who I am then I do not need you.

Talk to both of you soon.

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