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Originally Posted by smurph View Post
HI there! My daughter has a lip hemangioma and at 6 weeks of age it looked almost exactly like your daughter's. I would definitely go to see a Vascular Birthmark Specialist, especially because of the location of her hemangiomas... being so close to her eye and on her nose and lip. I think those tend to be a little more at risk for causing issues and tend to warrant some type of intervention. Where do you live? There is a list of great specialists on this website. Also, it would suggest sending an email with these photos to Dr. Levitin (look at the Ask the Expert page) and he will let you know what he thinks too. Glad you found this site! It has been a great resource to me over the years and I think you will find it helpful! Keep us posted!
Thank you for the reply, If you don't mind me asking you, what type of treatment did your daughter have to go through and how is she doing now? I already sent these pics to Dr. Levitin and hopefully will get a professional opinion soon, I see the pediatrician later on today and i'm going to request a referal to see a specialist here in the SF bay area. I am so nervous and worried about this, thank you for the reply.
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