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Originally Posted by nickbar View Post
what did you find out today?
So I took her to her pediatrician today and was told that she does indeed have Hemangioma, the doctor made an emergency referal so that she can be seen by the Vascular Birthmark Anomolies Center at the UCSF hospital in San Francisco. We were able to get an appointment this friday in the morning with their specialist. Our doctor wanted her seen ASAP by the specialist since she has marks on her lip, nose and near her eye, she told us that intervention early is much better than later. So i'm still very worried but I do feel a little better after reading about the specialists at UCSF, they seem to be very reputable and experienced in this type of situation. I'll keep you guys/gals posted, thank you for all the kind words and Smurph your daughter is so beautiful and I'm so glad she is doing much better.....

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