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Originally Posted by sonvous1 View Post
I also have this type of birthmark, my left eye and temple. I had it since I was a few months old. I'm now 29yrs old and lately it seems darker. Actual my entire completion is getting dark. (I'm African America almond shade) its never really been a problem for me most people think its eye shadow. However the area around my temple is getting darker. I do remember after working on the job for months a coworkers noticed it and asked if my boyfriend hit me. It was funny to me that she just noticed it. Has anyone else experience this?
@sonvous1: Yeah, I sometimes get late reactions too. However, I have found that most people whom I see on a regular basis, like at work, don't often ask me about it. My questions usually come from complete strangers -- like cashiers when I'm shopping they will say "what happened to your eye?" This usually makes me feel terrible and I'm trying to think of something to say besides "it's my birthmark." I think I'll start saying "Nothing happened," because nothing happened. LOL. Or "what business is that of yours?" I just hate to be so defensive about my mark.

@sonvous1 I would love someone to chat with one-on-one, so please inbox me if you're open to communicating. Thank you!
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