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Thanks for the update. I know other parents will be in soon to give you their experiences. From the adults that I know with PWS, some have problems with cobbling and blebbing later in life. For them, it's not a cosmetic issue, not a matter of trying to "fade" the PWS. Laser therapy helps to keep those problems at bay. For such a small child, you may not see many changes anytime soon, but it's good to think about being proactive and avoiding problems later.

So keep in touch with the specialist you've seen, so that you will have a doctor when you need one, rather than having to start new with someone.

I'm such a scrooge, though ... the holiday spirit doesn't hit me until 5:30 am on Christmas morning! Perhaps it will come early this year. I like the family time, though. Hope your new one has the best first Christmas ever!!

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