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Smile Right Flank Hemangioma

Hi my name is Samantha, I have a 7yr old son with a vasular birthmark growing on his right hip we did not detect this lump till he was nearly 1yr old. Took him to see the doctor they did not no what it was till we was send to the hospital for a MRI. Results showed that there was somethink there and they gave my son 2 names for it but didnt no which 1 it was. Doctors explained that my son had a strawberry bithmark instead of it growing on the outside its growing on the inside all up against his tissues which would be hard to remove but they did assure me that when he is in his teen years they can start treatment ( shrinking the bloodclots with alcohol) yes shrinking but not removing it because of the dangers. Doctors have told me if he rupters his hip he could bleed and there wasnt anythink they could do to stop it. So far we have been sent home with paracetamol to ease the pain at the moment its a size of a big apple and its been bigger than that and bruises they someone has beaten his hip but was told that when it bruises more clots are appearing...So me writing this i would love to hear anyone with a simular story as mine....Thanks Sorry its alil long i could have kept typing lol
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