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as an adult i definitely wish i had treatment to remove it as a child. PWS is on my face, scalp, ear. the colour doesn't bother me as much as the growth. it has thickened alot of the years and i have some health problems i suspect is related to that.

I actually nearly broke a jaw for a comment a man made about 2 weeks ago. Oddly enough it had nothing to do with my birthmark but a very obsense comment he made that no woman should hear except from their partner. I would have to say after all the years of hearing stupid comments about my birthmark and trying to restrain my verbal and physical reactions, it kinda helped pull back my hand that was already in his face. cussed him and left. I admit i was very much in his face with my birthmark and don't think he knew what to do but fumble an mutter as i had him backing up. I mean i snapped. I take enough crap. didn't need that too. idiot said it in my good ear LOL. he shoulda picked the left one, i wouldn't of known LOL
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