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Hi Hank,

You and I have been talking together before . It's always very inspirational reading you. You're perfectly right: my VB -- which was there at birth but only appeared in my thirties -- has made me a better person within. Many many positive things have happened to me because of it: every day I'm amazed by that fact. People take for granted that we must want very badly to get rid of it. I've once read in this forum a parent saying he/she could not understand at all why a person would not want to have a facial VB removed. Well, not at any cost. I understand very well Ameski for example: she has no pain, no discomfort and the treatments are painful and expensive. Only, I'm very concerned when I think of the long term consequences of letting it be. That's why I would like that at least she consults now a doctor who knows about PWS and that she inquires about those consequences.

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