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Default Re:Why should I have lazer treatment?

I agree with Lise,

It is very important that you seek out as much information as possible about the consequences of not treating your PWS. Lise and I know of situations were PWS can thicken and start developing growth ontop of growth. I do know that Dr. Waner does laser under sedation (even adults). You might want to seek help from a doctor that does it under sedation (mask anethesia). You don't need to suffer. I understand the finanicial issues. The cost might be less now then if the pws got worse and treatment was absolutely necessary???????? Just a thought. Again, research the issue.

Then, you need to be comfortable with your peace with it. You sound like a strong individual that is comfortable with who you are! Super! Good luck and we will be thinking of you often.

(son Nick with segmental H.)
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