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My LO has a hemangioma on the back of her ear of all places! The doc said she'd never seen one there! It's kind of funny because it makes her ear poke out and look like a monkey! We are trying some options for treating hers because of the location and the delicate skin around the ear. It is so stretched out that the skin is now like paper thin and the doc is pretty worried about potential bleeding if the place gets nicked. This happened once already at daycare...she nicked it with her finger nail and it bled so much they had to hold her down to stop the bleeding. Now that she's crawling it's only a matter of time before she bumps into something and it happens again but worse. We went to the dermatologist about it and I was given some options. The first and easiest and what we are trying now is a topical steroid called Vanos. I just put it on twice a day. He said sometimes it works, sometimes not...she's been on it for about a month now and it might be a teeny bit smaller but the only big change is that the skin is peeling a lot where it has been applied. The next option is a new treatment for hemangiomas that apparently is working great. It's the use of Propofol, a drug used to lower blood pressure in adults. It's apparently very safe, however during the first dose, the baby does need to be supervised in the hospital to make sure they don't have an adverse reaction...once they see that the won't then its fine and you can go home. It kind of makes me nervous but they said that it's a wonderful treatment. I'm going to do some more research though. We are supposed to go back in a few weeks to discuss it more.
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