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To document the unique occurrence of multiple cutaneous capillary hemangiomas in healthy triplets.
METHODS: Case reports.
RESULTS: Triplets born 6 weeks prematurely were noted at birth to have classic cutaneous capillary hemangiomas that enlarged in the first few months of life. At 3 months of age, triplet #1 manifested a small capillary hemangioma on the left index finger and a large hemangioma that involved the entire left upper eyelid and completely occluded the visual axis. Triplet #2 had a small hemangioma on the thumb and a large hemangioma on the scalp of the forehead. Triplet #3 displayed only a minor hemangioma of the right upper eyelid that did not threaten her vision. The parents of the triplets admitted having a history of periocular capillary hemangioma that spontaneously resolved. Triplet #1 was managed with oral corticosteroids, with dramatic regression of the mass and exposure of the visual axis.
CONCLUSIONS: Cutaneous capillary hemangioma is usually a sporadic condition. We found this tumor in premature triplets whose parents had a history of a similar tumor. This suggests that hereditary and environmental factors may play a role in the development of this tumor. We advise that medical and family histories be obtained in all children with cutaneous capillary hemangioma.
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