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Hello everyone,

Ouest turned two a few days back and I thought it would be good to check in here.

Ouest is doing great. Her last laser treatment was nearly a year ago now and there hasn't been any growth. In fact it may have gone down a bit since then. It's hard for us to tell as we really don't even notice it any longer. And in fact nobody else has ever noticed it.

Her nasal tip shape is just ever so slightly imperfect and there is still just a hint of purple coloring as well, but both are so miniscule that it is nearly impossible for anybody but me and her mama to see it.

We don't anticipate needing to do anything further as far as treatment. Seems to us that even the tiny bump will continue to disappear as she gets older and her nose continues to grow.

Again, we were thrilled with the results of the laser treatments and credit Dr. Delfanian in Minnesota with keeping Ouest's nasal tip hemangioma under control and preventing it from growing. We really believe that attacking these early is the best method.

Anyway, we wish you all the best in your search for treatments and solutions for your own little ones.


Pat and Ali
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