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Talking IM Hemangioma in my left quad muscle

Hi. I just found this site so I thought I would see who out there may be able to answer a couple of questions...I was diagnosed with an intramuscular hemangioma in the head of my left quad muscle. my ortho surgeon felt this was incidental and that my pain was referred pain from my knee joint so he scoped it. Well.....I was right and it wasnt my arthritis. I can feel a hard lump/mass just above my knee to the right. i can't squat, can;t so any of my workouts at the gym and going up and down my stairs at home is very painful. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but this is limiting my daily activities. So i have seen the ortho oncologist who is waiting on me to decide if I want to have it resected....anyone out there had the surgery? If so any information you would share with me will be greatly appreciated. Nurses make the worst pateints! I could make the decision easily for someone else.....Thanks in advance to whoever responds
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